International Programs

International Programs

Nagoya Women’s University

NWU has cooperative agreements with a number of institutions in Europe, North America and Oceania and is continually searching to provide our students with new international learning experiences.

International programs offered to NWU students:

Short-term programs

  • Teaching children in Melbourne, Australia : Department of Childhood Education
  • Studying nutrition at University of California, Davis, CA, USA : Department of Health and Nutrition
  • Studying nursing and social welfare in Denmark: Department of Nursing
  • Studying design and food culture in Europe, Asia or Oceania: Department of Life Studies and Environmental Science
  • Studying design and food culture in Italy and France : Department of Applied Life Studies

One-semester exchange programs for language students:

  • Canada : University College of the Fraser Valley
  • Britain : University of Central Lancashire, New College Nottingham
  • Australia : Wollongong College Australia
  • France : Université de Bourgogne
  • New Zealand: The Christchurch College of English

One-year exchange programs as full-fledged students

  • U.S.A. : William Woods University

Programs designed for NWU's "sister" institutions:

Short-term Japanese language and cultural studies

Nagoya Women’s University Junior and Senior High School

As part of its education for international understanding, NWU Junior and Senior High School offers various international exchange programs.

International programs offered to NWU Junior and Senior High School students

During the summer vacation, we offer homestay-based overseas training programs in Los Angeles. In the Christmas season, students can choose from homestay programs in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Finland.

NWU Junior and Senior High School’s "sister" school

Australia : Canberra Girls’ Grammar School