Chancellor's Message

Chancellor,Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nagoya Women's University continues to prepare women for the future.

Nagoya Girls' School, the predecessor of Nagoya Women's University(NWU), was founded in 1915. Haruko Koshihara, the founder of the school, established "Kindness" as the guiding principle of the school and emphasized that women should devote themselves to their studies in order to become independent in society and contribute to cultural improvement.
The spiritual legacy of the school's founder lives on at Nagoya Women's Junior College (now NWU) which was established in 1950. Haruko advocated "equality between men and women through women's own efforts" and stressed that, to that end, women needed to acquire a high level of culture and vocational ability and attain economic independence.The educational philosophy of our educational institution, based on “Kindness,” is to build character and prepare highly cultured, kindhearted women with superior vocational ability. We maintain this philosophy and continue to prepare women for the future.


A view of a sewing class immediately after the foundation(1915)


Educating women to become independent in the spirit of the founder is our heritage, passed down from generation to generation.

越原春子先生Co-founder Haruko Koshihara when young,at the age of 20(1905)


Haruko Koshihara was born in Higashi-Shirakawa Village, Kamo County, Gifu Prefecture in 1885. She aspired to become a teacher from early on. Competing with adult applicants, she passed the examination for Gifu Prefectural Teachers' Training School in Iwamura. Upon graduation, she started to teach at an elementary school in her native village at the age of 15. She founded Nagoya Girls' School with Yamato Koshihara in 1915, and devoted herself to the management of the school and women's education for more than 40 years. In 1946, women acquired the right to vote in Japan, and Haruko became one of the first female members of the House of Representatives in the Diet. As a member of the Constitution Council, she strove to liberate women and improve their position in society—a cause she had long advocated.

越原和先生Co-founder Yamato Koshihara



Yamato Koshihara was born in Kashimo Village, Ena County, Gifu Prefecture in 1886. He graduated from Waseda University in 1913. While at university, he married Haruko Koshihara and became the 16th head of the Koshihara family. He founded Nagoya Girls' School jointly with Haruko in 1915. At school, he encouraged sports to build up the physical strength of women and personally took on their teaching. He also devoted his energies to teaching drama in order to refine the sensitivity of students.



Heritage for the Future:
Spiritual Legacy of the Founder, Center for Traditional Culture


The Koshihara Memorial Hall was built in 2009 for permanent preservation of the footsteps of the founder and the history of the school. The Hall was opened as a place for teachers, students, and graduates to present the results of their constant efforts and also to serve as a facility for extensive cultural exchange.The Hall has two functions. First, the exhibition area provides space for permanent and special exhibitions of historical materials such as the history of the school, education, and folk customs. It is also used for work presentations by students and graduates. Second, the hall on the second floor is used for lectures, plays, and concerts.